Rescue PCR

Rescue PCR was designed to meet the needs of the field Medic. It was designed with the input of EMT's and Paramedics - not software engineers. The result... An Electronic Patient Care Reporting Software program that is practical and easy to use!

Rescue PCR Core Objectives:

  • Minimal Time-At-Task -- Why convert from paper to computer if you're not going to save time?
  • Data Integrity and Record Retention -- An electronic system should enhance the integrity and security of the data - not make it more vulnerable to on-line security breaches.
  • Customer Configurable
  • Simple Implementation and Deployment
  • Minimal On-Going Maintenance

Operating on a tablet computer with touch-screen technology, Rescue PCR allows sensitive pre-hospital patient care clinical information to be captured in the field and sent via the Internet to a cloud-based server. Data is immediately available for clinical, operational and business analysis. Built-In open architecture allows for easy integration with heart monitor's, cloud-based CAD systems, Regional & State reporting agencies and it directly interfaces with most of the industry-leading billing services.

Intuitive User Interface

Rescue PCR's easy-to-use, intuitive user interface reduces the documentation time-at-task, improves documentation quality and information accessibility. With all major sections of the ePCR visible to the user at all times, EMS personnel are able to easily navigate through the system while thoroughly documenting all aspects of patient care. Typical reports are completed accurately in as little as five to ten minutes.

Rescue PCR's unique tabbed browsing feature puts the information where the user needs it most -- Right in front of their eyes!

The Quick Buttons feature allows for single-touch logging of patient interventions resulting in a more accurate, higher quality patient care report. Red exclamation marks on the tabs designate screens that contain mandatory fields. Once on a screen, specific mandatory fields are also identified with a red exclamation mark. After these fields are completed, the exclamations disappear and a report can be validated and closed.

Configurable and Customizable EMS Software

Using Rescue PCR's EMS Software Administrator module, system administrators can configure their system on the fly by moving tabs, adding or deleting input variables, changing field labels and modifying Close-Call rules for each chief complaint - At their convenience, on their terms and without expensive custom programming fees!